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The Natalie Louise Streather Memorial Fund is involved in three projects at this time:
An Excellence in Art awarded annually to the best art student at Salisbury High School, Salisbury, South Australia. This photo shows Gail and Adrian making the presentation for the first time in 2013.

Through the generosity of contributors to the NLSMF, money has been provided to help fund the building of a school in Natalie's name in Haiti, one of the world's poorest countries. However, full credit for the project has to be given to John Dunkle of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA.

Click here for Project Rennwish

Dedication ceremony for Natalie's new school held on the 9th July 2008.

All the trustees of the Natalie Louise Streather Memorial Fund wish to express their deepest and sincere thanks to
Pastor Vilnor, Jen and John Dunkle.

Another donation was made via Rennwish to support the Haitian people after the terrible earthquake that struck their nation.

John has provided and update and some photographs of Natalie's school playing its part in the aftermath of this terrible tragedy.

Natalie's school was used frequently as a food distribution point on several occasions... It was
also used as a refugee meeting point... And it was used as a teaching centre to educate folks about earthquakes. The picture of the class in session is the 10th grade... In total - the school has about 250 children...

Sponsor of Louise Cook and her efforts to compete in the 2010 British Rally Championship Challenge. You can help, visit Louise's website at

Louise in action 23rd and 24th April 2010

Photographs by Jacob Ebrey

Photograph by Matthew Spencer

Download Louise's 2010 rally event press releases here (Pirelli), here (Jim Clark) and here (IOM)

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The Natalie Louise Streather Memorial Fund

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