Whilst we were between races we took some time to do some sight seeing in the UK and in Scotland. It was always my dream to drive my own car over to England and in 2006 this dream was realised.

Special thanks to those friends and family that were kind enough to either provide us a bed for the night or too look after us in other ways on our trek.

Eric Liddell, Sir Malcolm Guthrie, Joan and John Hardy, Sharon and Jamie Sprake, Lesley Sprake, Margaret and Brian Streather, Judy and Rod Grainger and the Godfrey family (even though they did introduce Rabbits and Hares to Australia in the 19th century).

The photogallery is a small snapshot of where we went and what we saw.

Note: Boy Telegraphist McRae W. R. was on HMS Hood in May 1941 when she ran into the Bismark. William was my second cousin, KIA aged 17.



 Gail's selection: