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Adrian's projects in research and/or first draft writing phases:

  • Adrian has started the research phase of a book with the working title "Aspects of " In this project Adrian uses photography to convert a woman's deepest thoughts into images, which in turn are combined with poetry written about women by Adrian's Walker family ancestors in the early 19th century. This book may appear to be an unusual departure from his usual works, but in reality it's not. Adrian has always tried to combine the right words with any image, but this book will be purer and more artistic expression of a warped mind at work.
  • Adrian is also reworking with the aim of republishing an anthology of poetry by Robert Daly Walker originally published in 1838. Robert is Adrian's three times great uncle.
  • Adrian has written a musical script titled "Vinegar Hill" which is loosely based on the true story of his four times great grandparents during the Irish Rebellion of 1798. He has obtained permission to use Norway's entry in Eurovision 2010 My Heart Is Yours, written by Hanne S�rvaag & Fredrik Kempe, published by Universal Music Publishing AB for the project. Adrian is also using music written in the mid 19th century by another ancestor William Streather to create the musical score.
  • Adrian has started researching the wartime experiences his step-father who served in the Royal Army Service Corps from April 1939 to March 1946. Harold's war time service included; landing in France in 1939 with the ill fated British Expeditionary Force (BEF), his evacuation from Dunkirk and his attachments to the Royal Navy as the personal driver for a well known Motor Torpedo Boat (MTB) Squadron Commander and with the US 5th Army in 1943 sitting in a truck loaded with ammunition in an American Landing Ship Tank (LST) heading for Anzio. 

Technical articles

Technical overview of the 964 Carrera 4 AWD and traction control system (PDAS) and of the  ABS system installed in all 964 models.

A brief overview of two of the more complex 964 systems which will hopefully  provide 964 owners with sufficient knowledge to allow a reasonable level of understanding of how these systems operate, and assist in reducing repair costs. A full description of these systems are included in Adrian's 964 book.

964 turbocharged engine and systems

A brief overview of the 964 turbocharged  engine and related systems which will hopefully provide turbocharged 964 enthusiasts sufficient knowledge and understanding of how they work. A full description is included in Adrian's 964 book.


Wheels and tyres for the 964 series

History and specifications. 
Download latest tyre approvals for the 964 prepared by Porsche AG in 2008.

Wheels and tyres for the 911SC series

Original installed wheels with updated information, wheels and tyres for 2003.




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